Welcome to SCA Bocce

Bocce competition Dec 8 2012 Bocce Competition3If you like people and being outside then playing bocce is for you. The game is 90 percent social and 10 percent friendly competition. The beautiful part about bocce is that anyone can play and you do not have to be extremely athletic. Members of the Club play at various times on Mondays thru Thursdays. The object of game is to roll a 3-pound ball and try to get it as close as possible to the little white ball called the pallino. That’s when all the fun begins!

The biggest highlight of the Club is the Annual Awards Banquet. The winners from the Spring and Fall seasons are announced and prizes are awarded. Everyone gets a chance to enjoy a great meal and share their stories of bravado and tell stories of their most difficult shots (whether they happened or not!!)

Currently, we have 200 members who enjoy playing bocce. Please contact us for more information on joining our club.

Mission Statement:

The Bocce Club is dedicated to promoting the game of bocce to all Association members in order to enhance their social and physical well being.  The promotion of bocce will be done without regard to race, age, or ethnic background.